Wydanie specjalne 29/2018 Celebrations and Festivals

This and That
• A Selection of Festivals
  – All Year Round
• Coachella in California
• Bizarre UK Festivals

People and Lifestyle
• Guy Fawkes and the Bonfires
• Saint Patrick of Ireland
• Communities Across the UK
• Burns Night, a Celebration of the People’s Poet

• Halloween – How Americans
  Celebrate Death
• Thanksgiving Day – the Puritan
  Celebration, Now and Then
• The Fourth of July – A Declaration
  of Independence
• British Christmas Traditions
• The History of Valentine’s Day
• Can You Flip it? – the Pancake Craze
• Festival for Fans of Fashion

Conversation Matters
• At the Christmas Table

• Easter Dictionary

• New Year in London

• Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
• Adaptations of A Christmas Carol
• Rack your Brain

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