Wydanie specjalne English for Beginners

This & That
• Comic Strip
• Riddles
• English in Numbers

People and Lifestyle
• Brand-new Jobs
• Adele – a Real Pop Star!
• Money Mistakes
• Are We Happy?
• Advice from a Pro – How to Look Good
• Sherlock Holmes – a Man of Genius
• Practice

Convesation Matters
• Small Talk Makes a Big Difference

• Inside a British Pub
• Do You Love Romance?
• Grumpy Cat
• Teen Wolf – the Werewolf Saga
• What’s an English Breakfast?
• American and British Values
• Being Self-Employed: Pros and Cons
• Practice


• Travelling to London with an Oyster
• New York New York!

• To Be or Not to Be...
• How to Find Time to Learn English in Your Daily Life
• Idioms in English – What Are They and Which Ones to Learn First?
• Practice

• Snapchat: Sending Private Pictures

Music & Lyrics
• Learning with Adele

• Face

• Quiz

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