Wydanie specjalne 26/2018 English for Intermediate Students

This & That
• Comic Strip: Around London

• 101 Words and Phrases
You Should Know!

People and Lifestyle
• Edward VIII – The Rebel King
• Home Sweet Home
• Personal Branding
• The Golden Boy of Disney
• The Liquid Gem
• Language Practice

Conversation Matters
• Blind Date Banter

• Inside the White House
• Britain on the Screen
• Mardi Gras Merriment
• Bitcoin: Pros and Cons
• Review: All the Boys Love Mandy
• Vivid Vampires
• Language Practice


• The Tour of Brussels
• Jackowo – The Most Famous Polish District in the USA
• Practice: From Jackowo to Brussels

• Becoming Familiar with Irregular Verbs
• Attention Please! 20 Ways to Learn Irregular Verbs Effectively
• Awkward Couples
• Language Practice

Music and Lyrics
• Sing Like Adam

• In the Woods

• Rack Your Brain

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