Wydanie specjalne 41/2020 Pronunciation


People and Lifestyle
• Melting Pot of Languages

• The Evolution of English

Know What
• 44 Sounds of English
• Shaking Hands with Schwa

Conversation Matters
• Twisting Your Tongue

Know How
• How to Speak with Received
• How to Speak Cockney
• How to Speak Scouse
• The Manc Dialect
• The Brummie Dialect
• How to do a Scottish Accent

• Welcome to Glorious Devon

Know the Difference
• Speaking in Tongues: American and British English
• Same but Different
• Language Battles:
Estuary English vs RP
vs Cockney

Language Practice
• Pronunciation Practice
• Minimal Pairs
• Practice Makes Perfect
– Resources for
Pronunciation Practice

• Rack Your Brain

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